Blogs & Content Marketing

Well researched, high-quality content is the key to not just attracting organic traffic but maintaining engagement and converting visitors into customers. I can regularly produce SEO friendly blogs, articles, and longer pieces such as guides and tutorials on a variety of topics and in a wide range of voices that will resonate with your audience and enhance your brand’s online reputation.

Corporate & Personal Websites

Your website is often the first exposure that a potential customer will have to you and your brand, and greeting them with clear and compelling content is an essential part of making the perfect first impression. Thanks to my background in online marketing, I have extensive experience working with clients to understand the image they want to convey to their customers and how to best express that through online copy.

Content Editing & Rewriting

The key to exceptional content isn’t just sharing information, but doing so in a way that’s perfectly tailored for the audience and medium through which it’s consumed. Whether you have blog posts, website copy, social media posts, or other marketing materials, I can review and rewrite it to suit your desired tone and better speak to your readers.

White Papers & Authority Content

Standing out from a crowd requires not just eye-catching copy, but authoritative content that conveys your expertise and experience, and establishes why you’re a voice worth following. The white papers and long-form pieces I produce are thoroughly researched and feature in-depth information, presented in an easy to digest fashion that will ensure your target audience’s attention.

Technical Writing

When you need to communicate technical knowledge, it’s critical to work with a writer that fully understands the subject matter and can package information concisely. Having spent much of my career in technical roles, I have considerable experience with both consuming and creating technical information on a broad array of topics, and can deliver high-quality documents that are easily understood.

Content Strategy & Development

A robust online presence requires a comprehensive strategy that encompasses what will best reflect you or your organization, what platforms it needs to be posted to, how often to post new content, and how it will drive ongoing engagement with your audience. The process seems daunting when viewed in totality, but we’ll break it down into a series of smaller pieces and work through each step together to develop a complete plan.

Humor & Opinion

Not all material needs to be dry, stuffy, or present information in a direct manner. Whether your content centers on being lighthearted or you’re looking to inject some levity into your marketing materials, I can put an amusing spin on any topic in tones that range from sophomoric to humor that’s appropriate for a board meeting without sacrificing the commitment to your brand’s core voice.

Website Hosting

Unless you’re an online technology company, dealing with website hosting and its related issues is a distraction from your core business. I can take the issue entirely off your plate by managing your hosting, taking care of installation and maintenance of WordPress or other content management systems, performing regular security updates and backups, and ensuring that your online presence is in good hands while you focus on connecting with your customers.

Social Media Management

Social media is more critical than ever, not just for publicizing yourself, but connecting and communicating with segments of the population that have turned away from traditional media. Whether you have social media channels that are being underutilized or are lacking a presence on specific platforms, I’ll help you set up or streamline accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other networks that can amplify your message and reach more people, more effectively.