I’m a freelance writer with over fifteen years of experience on both the technology and content sides of the online marketing industry who’s delivered results by working closely with clients to understand not just what they need for a given project, but how I can help them grow through continued collaboration.

While most of my career has been spent in nominally technical jobs, being in leadership positions at small companies has always required me to take on a variety of roles adjacent to technology such as content development and optimization, SEO, and project management. Through that experience, I’ve become a firm believer that good content is the root of sustainable success and have shifted my focus from software to writing everything from blogs to social media posts to white papers to corporate and personal website content.

In my free time, I enjoy listening to music and going to concerts – heavy metal and its related subgenres are my primary passion, but blues, jazz, and jam bands all have a place in my heart. I’m also a long time fan of craft beer, and while I’ve given up on trying to keep up with every new brewery that opens in San Diego, we’re spoiled with a wealth of great local options. In quieter moments, I’m fond of curling up on my couch with a good book, be it science fiction, fantasy, history, or whatever interesting recommendations have crossed my path.

If you’re looking for someone to work with on creating or optimizing content, or navigating the challenges of online marketing technology, please reach out and let me know how we can collaborate.